Taking a shot at a custom class, part 4

As promised previously, today I present to you the Gunmage up through level 1.  This adds the level 1 encounter powers, level 1 daily powers and a selection of Gunmage feats. You should be able to make a complete level 1 Gunmage now.
Now that we have completed the initial foundation of the class, it’s time to add in the cool elements that make up your arsenal and define your build over time. Rather than take a piece by piece look though, I am going to highlight some key elements and design choices.
Gunmage encounter powers are where we encounter the build rider effects. I decided on a few themes to run with for each build.
As it seemed a natural fit, I am giving the majority of area attacks to the Dragoon and their shotgun. The dragoon will also key into powers that synergize with charging and advancing to highlight their role as a shock trooper.
I linked the duelist and their dual pistols to multi-target/multi-attack powers. Following that are powers that feature evasive maneuvers and lateral movement.
Finally the sniper with their rifle will prominently feature line effect powers that they can stretch across the field. Of particular benefit to the sniper are stealth and retreat abilities.
Additionally, I went with a pair of elements for each build. These elements will feature in the majority of powers for the weapon and have a degree of feat support.
Dragoon: Fire and Thunder
Duelist: Acid and Force
Sniper: Cold and Lightning
The use of special ammo and tools is a recurring element among the sources of inspiration for the Gunmage. In the daily powers, you will notice that there are several stances. In this case I am using the stances to represent special ammo and a tool. Using these as daily powers keeps them special (as they can only be used selectively). Stances will appear again at later levels broadening the tools available.
Utility powers will flesh out a number of other tricks and tools (primarily non-offensive).
I have a few Heroic feats to round things out. I find feats that alter how a class approaches play are more interesting than simple numerical bonuses, so the majority of Gunmage feats will alter or influence play somewhat.
Superior implements enable specialization.
Magelock training enables Gunmages to choose a new gun type outside their build (and potentially as a feat for Hybrids later on).
Aim for the vitals is a rendition of power attack for guns that rewards combat advantage.
And the racial and build feats enhance particular elements.
I am currently play-testing this class when I have time, but if anyone else gets a chance to play with the class, let me know how it goes.
Here is the Gunmage-v0.1.10!
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