Risus Fantasy plug-in

Tinkering time!
Many of the players I am playing with currently have not played roleplaying games outside of Dungeons & Dragons. However, I have a love for Risus and other games that are far lighter on the rules side of things. The open elements scratch an itch that more heavily structured games can scarcely reach.
The issue that arises from hopping out of one end of the pool and jumping in on the other side is that players who are less experienced often flounder and flop about absent the lane ropes from the other end of the pool.

To bridge the gap I am going to try using a Classic Fantasy Role playing Plug-in for Risus.Characters have HP determined at character creation: 2 HP / cliché point
A successful attack deals 1d6 damage. A successful attack with an inappropriate clichés deals 2d6 damage.
If an attack is 3x (or more) an opponent’s roll, the attack critically succeeds and deals 3x damage.

If range is of importance, we can establish range with 0-6; 0 being literally on top of each other, and 6 being just farther than the eye can see.
You can move +1/-1 range on your turn unless you are “engaged”.
You can “disengage” and move by omitting 1 or more cliche dice from your action for the turn.
Encounters Start at 1d6 range unless otherwise specified.

Your primary cliché is your class.
You can “multiclass” but your second class cannot exceed your primary class.
At character creation you cannot spend more than half your points on classes.
You choose your standard equipment as your tools at character creation for your classes.

Classes have one trait or skill per cliché point.
For example a wizard would know a type of magic” per cliché point.
Wizard (3) Fire magic, Ice magic, Levitation magic
When they use magic it is must be related to fire, ice or levitation.
A fighter might know different combat styles for each cliché point.
Fighter (2) Tudor Archery, McGregor Targe and Blade

That should be more than enough for now.
We can go with more or less as needed!

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