Dungeon Crawl: Risus

Point of Advice: it’s worth it to see what’s out there before you get too far into an endeavor.

I had previously been hashing ideas for how to implement a fantasy roleplaying experience that helped ease players over from Dungeons and Dragons, especially those that had experienced no other systems.

I was not certain what to do about a couple of aspects. When I don’t know something, or when I have an issue, I google it.
This usually leads to something interesting if not something useful.

In this case, it lead me back to a post by Risus Monkey that points out Dungeon Crawl: Risus.

Although Dungeon Crawl: Risus goes in a different direction than I was, the items I was looking to solve already have a solution here. I have at least a reference for inspiration, and at best something to use instead of my rule plug-ins. In this case I like these rules better than what I had so far.

So next time you are working on planning an adventure, designing a world, making house-rules, etc, you might take a moment to see what’s out there first.

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2 Responses to Dungeon Crawl: Risus

  1. Risus Monkey says:

    Glad I pointed you in a helpful direction. 🙂

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