Gunmage, level 5

I have been continuing to work and tune the Gunmage custom class. I present to you the Gunmage up to level 5: Gunmage Level 5!

My original concerns as to power level were largely unfounded, especially with a charging thief as a high end benchmark. The Gunmage as presented continues to present respectable damage output (especially if your dice like you!) and a high amount of flavor.

Here is a sample character to get you started:
Galarien, Eladrin Marksman
At the vertex of subtle magic and concise craftsmanship is the arctic rifle of the elite corp of the Winter Court’s Marksmen. Galarien sees it as infinitely more elegant than the primitive bows of his elven cousins. His arctic rifle saps the strength and speed of foes with biting cold as he picks them off, cold and alone, at a comfortable range. Amongst the raging winds and blinding snow, he is the unseen fang of winter.

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