Gunmage, Revision + PP

Grab the latest version here while the barel is still smoking! Gunmage level 10 w/ PP
EDIT: Gunmage lvl 10 w PP (5/31/2011)

I spent some time revising Gunmage Level 1-10. Check out the comments from the previous gunmage post for most of the details.
Bomb powers and feats received a lot of attention. Significantly, I worked on making the utilities less offensive and made the number of uses more uniform and coherent. without this, the planned bomber PP would have broke the class in half.
Thanks again to Victor Von Dave for all the helpful feedback.

I have a few Paragon Path drafts added in to the mix for your perusal. They are rough and untested, but they should give you an idea what I am playing with. A few of the Paragon paths pay homage to the things that inspired this class.
The only real quandary is the Sniper PP.  I know I need something for the Sniper training style, but I am uncertain what to do with it. There are already some sniper/sharpshooter paths in 4e, so finding the right niche is an interesting challenge.

Today’s inspiration picture was my favorite from CHoW #195.
If you aren’t familiar with and especially their Character of the Week contest, they are amazing and worth at least a look.

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3 Responses to Gunmage, Revision + PP

  1. D. Luce says:

    just stumbled across this, and I have a question. I loved the Gun Mages in Iron Kingdoms and look forward to playing one again!

    Arcane Barrage is listed both as a Class Feature power, and a Level 1 power. Which is it?

    • 4649matt says:

      Welcome to my humble corner of the web!
      I hope you enjoy the Gunmage and I’d be curious to hear any comments you have.

      Arcane Barrage is a Level 1 power.
      I think I may have uploaded the wrong version of the file (a WIP draft),
      but I have now uploaded the current draft. Thanks for the catch.

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