Resource Inundation Sampling Unsorted Sites

I know this is not the only list, nor is it the first list, nor will it be the last list, but list, list, O list! It is my list and one more list rarely hurts any one.

Risus: The Anything RPG
The official site itself! This site has a number of resources, mostly free, such as the Rulebook for Risus. It comes in a variety of flavors and languages!

The Risus Mailing list
This is a solid way to keep up with what is new in the eclectic world of Risus. Though it is a Yahoo group, the Australian cliche is not applicable.

The Risus RPG Fan Forum
Currently in a fledgeling state, so stop on by and mark your territory. This makes me want to run a Roman game inspired by A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Risus TOTM
Aka Risus Thought of the Moment, is a collection of moments pertaining to Risus gelled in amber for your perusal. The site is also code for an Irish greeting starting with a smile.

This is slowly becoming the location for Risus material.  Rules and Adventures and Settings, Oh My!

Risus Monkey
Also known as Captain Monkey in discreet regions of the interwebs, is a Stalwart Chronicler of Things Risus (6) and is a Spontaneous Geomorpher (4).

If you are bereft of a plan for your RPG, then Roll a d6 to choose a link and apply S words & Sorcery, as needed. A liberal application is recommended.

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