Emperor’s Edge 8 page setting

I know I’ve mentioned it here, and I know I’ve said it in other places as well, but I really like the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker. The series has a charm that reminds me of classic fantasy like the Tales of Fafrhd and the Gray Mouser.

After finishing the second novel in the series, Dark Currents, I decided I want to play in that universe. The short story collection, Ice Cracker II (and other stories), cinched this setting as one that begged to be played in. The characters in the series start with concise cliches and blossom into interesting people making it stylistically and nice fit for Risus.

Taking cues from the 8-page settings of Brent Wolke, I decided to make an Emperor’s Edge setting, if not just so I can play in it. I have been reading the Emperor’s Edge universe forwards and backwards for this and its luster has not been lost.
This setting is designed with Risus in mind, but the content is easily adapted to another system. It wouldn’t take much to port this over to D&D (especially OD&D).

You can find the Emperor’s Edge 8-page setting here.

I am also going to shamelessly ask for feedback:
1) After reading this setting, Did you:
Want to play; Want to read; Lose interest; Take a stiff drink?

2) Was there anything in the rules or the fluff that seemed off?
Anything that was especially awesome?

3) What’s missing?

Thanks, and Have fun!

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6 Responses to Emperor’s Edge 8 page setting

  1. thwaak says:

    On the whole, I like it, but as someone who has never read the books, it could really use a lot more background info. I’ve honestly no idea what to do with it.

    Here’s what I will do: I will create a character using what you’ve produced and then you tell me if it fits the world.

  2. m.s.jackson says:

    Awesome, looks good. I am still reading the second book, when I get finished I will take a look at this again and let you know any comments I have.

    • 4649matt says:

      Have you read Encrypted?
      When I started reading it, I realized quickly that it shared the same world as Emperor’s Edge, but not the characters.
      It deals with a significantly different area of the world.

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