D&D Chess (with 4e framework)

I totally missed the time-frame on Speak out with your Geek out, but this gave me a chance to test this a bit more.

Chess is a games that I picked up at my grandfather’s. Chess teaches you to think before you act. Chess can be relaxing and exciting at the same time. I like chess.
Anyone can play, and if you pay attention and use your mind, anyone can win. Chess is tactics 101.

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that I learned from friends. D&D is a game you play with friends, and I have made many friends by playing. I like D&D.
Playing D&D with miniatures is a tactical game decided as much by the dice as by your choices.

D&D + Chess is Peanut Butter + Chocolate, yes it may be messy at times, but it’s always good.

D&D Chess Rules:

Rules observe standard chess play except for a few rule modifications. Castling, en passant, etc. may still be used normally.

The chess board is set up normally with the stats for the pieces below. For the Queen, choose one of the 4 PC pieces; Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, or Wizard.

Who gets the first move is decided by rolling initiative using the Queen’s (PC) bonus.

All normal movement is considered to be shifting. (movement does not provoke OAs except for abilities that specifically trigger on a shift).

When a capture is attempted, make an attack as specified for the piece. If the target of the attack is reduced to 0 the capture happens normally. If the attack does not reduce the target of the attack to 0, the attacking piece remains stationary.
Bishops and Rooks make ranged attacks. Some of PC attacks are also ranged attacks.

Only the King and Queen (PC) can take opportunity actions. The knight may make immediate interrupts.

If a piece has minor actions, it may take a minor action when it is activated before or after a move/capture action.

The King is removed from play when it is reduced to 0 hp. This means that check and checkmate do not apply normally. However, it is still a good idea to move your King out of a threatened position.

Further thoughts

The original idea was to have a full level 2 PC replace the Queen, but some abilities become disproportionately superior within the confines of a chess game. Should both parties want an additional challenge, create level 2 PCs and play the game with them instead of the listed stat blocks.

Should you have questions about the D&D side of the rules, Wizards has Quick Start Rules available for reference.

This is the equivalent of a beta phase game. It has been played a handful of times, but has not been exhaustively vetted, so if you have any questions or comments please toss them this way.

You can download the rules and stats as a pdf here: D&D Chess

Have fun!

Standard Pieces

PC Piece Options

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