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Emperor’s Edge 8 page setting

I know I’ve mentioned it here, and I know I’ve said it in other places as well, but I really like the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker. The series has a charm that reminds me of classic fantasy like … Continue reading

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Resource Inundation Sampling Unsorted Sites

I know this is not the only list, nor is it the first list, nor will it be the last list, but list, list, O list! It is my list and one more list rarely hurts any one. Risus: The … Continue reading

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Dungeon Crawl: Risus

Point of Advice: it’s worth it to see what’s out there before you get too far into an endeavor. I had previously been hashing ideas for how to implement a fantasy roleplaying experience that helped ease players over from Dungeons … Continue reading

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Risus Fantasy plug-in

Tinkering time! Many of the players I am playing with currently have not played roleplaying games outside of Dungeons & Dragons. However, I have a love for Risus and other games that are far lighter on the rules side of … Continue reading

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Risus 日本語翻訳

僕はRISUSというTRPGのファンです。 簡単だがエレガントなシステムです。 みんなにお裾分けします。 よろしくお願いいたします。 *The following is a translation of Risus in Japanese.

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Prospects on the horizon

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます! This blog is still revving up from it’s start in late last year and I am eagerly looking forward to sharing more with you all this year. このブログは昨年の最後で始まったばかりでしたがもうすでに新年で皆うへ良いものを見せることに楽しみにしています。 Some things to look forward to: 今年から期待してもいいもの: Introductions … Continue reading

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