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D&D Chess (with 4e framework)

I totally missed the time-frame on Speak out with your Geek out, but this gave me a chance to test this a bit more. Chess is a games that I picked up at my grandfather’s. Chess teaches you to think … Continue reading

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Psionics in 4E

The psionics system in 4e D&D is much better than that presented in the previous edition, but I still have a few issues with how it works in play: Psionic characters have At-will powers with Augment abilities. They also have … Continue reading

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Adding a coin trick to D&D

I stumbled across Enlightened Grognard a few months back and the pitch grabbed me right off the bat. The system takes design philosophies from 4E and applies them to a 3.5E base and is in some regards a middle ground … Continue reading

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