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Shifting the challenge on Skill challenges

Skill challenges. I have had my share of successful skill challenges as well as some dismal failures. Some of them worked because of narrative involvement, some failed because of narrative dissonance, but a recurring tension involved has been due to the … Continue reading

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Emperor’s Edge 8 page setting

I know I’ve mentioned it here, and I know I’ve said it in other places as well, but I really like the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker. The series has a charm that reminds me of classic fantasy like … Continue reading

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Technoir – impressions

I am infatuated with Technoir. Time I spend with Technoir makes me feel like I am cheating on Shadowrun. To be fair, we have been a bit distant of late. Things with SR got complicated. SR was bloating a bit.  … Continue reading

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Resource Inundation Sampling Unsorted Sites

I know this is not the only list, nor is it the first list, nor will it be the last list, but list, list, O list! It is my list and one more list rarely hurts any one. Risus: The … Continue reading

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A Clash of Titans: set piece battle with mecha

I am playing around with the idea of doing a short series of special encounters in a magepunk D&D 4e game that are on a massive scale. To impart that sense of scale I wanted the players to pilot large … Continue reading

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Adding a coin trick to D&D

I stumbled across Enlightened Grognard a few months back and the pitch grabbed me right off the bat. The system takes design philosophies from 4E and applies them to a 3.5E base and is in some regards a middle ground … Continue reading

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Genre Bending – May 2011 RPG Blog Carnival

The topic for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is Genre mixing in RPGs hosted by Shinobicow over at The Dump Stat. For more details about the RPG Blog Carnival, visit the archive of past blog carnivals over at Nevermeet Press. In … Continue reading

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